Link Eight – Your Manufacturing Assistance in China


Link Eight is a New Zealand owned company. Our head office is in Wellington but we have employees based in Shanghai, China and around New Zealand. This allows for effective communication between you and our suppliers, and makes NZ importing from China more efficient. We help you with the processes involved when doing business in China.

We aim to reduce your costs whilst minimizing the risks sometimes associated with global manufacturing. We work with you on your product development needs to find a supplier that can meet that need. We have a network of contacts in China following 15 years of experience to add to our 30 years industry experience in manufacturing. We can offer a world class manufacturing network for product sourcing of metal engineered products.

To assist New Zealand based companies doing business in China is our main goal and we offer three service areas:

1. Contract manufacturing of full product assemblies or metal engineered components

2. Off-the shelf industrial product sourcing

3. Factory assessment and consultation

Metal Engineered Products

We offer services in: CAD, prototyping and modelling, fabrication (light and heavy), parts (formed and pressed), CNC or manual cutting, tooling, machined components and casting. We can source large factories for mass production or smaller companies to offer you a lower minimum quantity requirement or those custom jobs. Initially we will establish product specifications with you, provide a quote and terms with an expected time-line.

With acceptance of a pilot sample we can progress your project to full production. It can take up to 12 months from initial ideas to eventual supply of product. However, once established re-ordering can happen within a matter of weeks! Pricing is by project – you pay the landed rate per unit price (no hidden taxes, costs, freight charges or biosecurity issues).

Industrial Product Sourcing

We have a network of factories to enable us to source products and supply quantities from as little as 50 units to millions. We make sure that the products are delivered on time and that the quality not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. We provide an existing sample or a product brief if your requirement is a new specification.

A sample (new or updated) is provided for your approval, and then your product is delivered on time in the requested quantity. Pre-made products can usually be supplied within 3 months. For a detailed breakdown of expected time-lines please visit our website

Factory Assessment and Consultation

We work with you to establish contacts with a factory that can provide the products you need sourcing. We can also assist with ongoing projects. With our team based in China we are best placed for handling difficult situations as they arise. We can assist with selecting factories, assessments of quality and general Chinese communications.

To assist with factory selection we provide: company information including a legal status report, a factory capability and qualification assessment. Once selected we then monitor production for quality. Our contract fees are broken depending on the services required on a project by project basis.

“Quality product, on time, at the right price consistently!”

Looking for manufacturing assistance in China? Link Eight can help! To manufacture in China with trusted experience and reliable quality contact


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